About me

Born in Stuttgart Germany 1971, I started my graphic design studies in 1990 after graduating high school. In the meantime I was working in a design studio to get some practice. After finishing my studies I worked for different clients as a freelance designer and art director.

My experience with national and international clients while I was working in Stuttgart opened my mind to study more languages. As a native German speaker I already was studying English, French and Italian and so I started learning Spanish. In summer 1997 I decided to improve my professional experience in another European country. I found an exchange program which brought me to Barcelona, Spain. There I worked as a designer in the international agency Delvico Bates and studied Spanish and Catalan from September 1997 to April 1998 in Barcelona.

Inspired from this experience in 2000 I decided to move to Barcelona and I stayed until now. From 2002 until 2008 mostly I was working for the design studio Vicenç Marco leading the international magazine “Todo en Baños” for Roca Sanitario as an independent creative-director. Since 2008 I’m working as an independent designer for clients in Barcelona and in Germany, creating mostly corporate design and web design apart from some other jobs like catalogues, magazines and packaging.